Volunteer Training Camp Build

ISAP Volunteer traing camp will host our volunteers who join our Volunteer Program. Camp "Kallie" as it will be known, will be the base for Phase 1 of the program.

Building of the Volunteer Training Camp commenced in March of 2018, with expected completion date being durng the month of August. First Volunteer program is scheduled to commence in September 2018 (Online application on "Volunteers" Page)

Care has been taken to blend the camp into the surrounding environment, and as little of the surrounding flora will be distrubed or remmoved. Area is host to many large and small species including leopards, hyenas and most of Namibia's hoofed species.

Building work has been broken up into 4 phases:

1. Ablutions block
2. Tent accommodation platforms (All tents placed on river edge, blendid into surrounding evironment)
3. Lapa / taining and dining area
4. ISAP Operations & staff accommodation building

July Progress....

First tent platforms complete

Trench catering for water supply line form new borehole

Ablution blocks walls making a appearance

May & June Progress....

Temporary HQ....

Phase 1:

Breaking ground

Phase 2:

Laying out and building of tent platforms

Phase 3:

ISAP members scouting out layout of lapa and dining area. Volunteers going to be rewarded some awesome views!!