ISAP Air Wing


ISAP Air wing takes off!!

ISAP's air wing was officially launched on the 8th February!

Another milestone for ISAP. Today we shared the launch of the very iconic conservation and anti-poaching aircraft, V5-LCE, with our strategic partners, sponsors and supporters.

ISAP air wing was made possible by the generous donation of an aircraft by Namibia Breweries Limited.

This Piper Super Cub will be used in a number of ways in conservation and anti poaching activities. Largely this would be in support of the Namibian authorities, such as the Ministry of Environment & Tourism, Namibia Police (Protected Resource division) and other related Ministries or Directorates.

Some of these activities would include:
Aerial support during anti poaching operations
Carcass locations
Monitoring & location of collard animals
Game name but a few

To Namibia Breweries Limited, we are truly indebted to your campaign in anti-poaching! Your donation of this aircraft to ISAP is beyond commendable. To our partners, Ministry of Environment and Tourism Namibia - the Honorable Minister Pohamba Shifeta, an extended handshake goes out to you Sir for the unwavering commitment that you and your colleagues have set aside to combat poaching. A big thank you to our sponsors to have made this possible - the list is immeasurable. Malan Lindeque, Colgar Sikope, Piet Beytell, Manie le Roux. ISAP- Teggz Shiimi Ya Shiimi, Fritz Kaufmann, Tinus Hansen, Hans Rack, Mike Böttger, Christo Loubser, Joe Hassbroek. IZW Cheetah Research Project, Nico Louw. Last but certainly not least - a huge thanks to Peter Keil - Westair Aviation and ALL your "round the clock" colleagues that managed to complete the extensive work on LCE. A special mention to Karin Herbie Herbert and your mom, as this was the Super Cub that was so meticulously maintained by the late Uwe Herbert.