Storey behind baby Rhino ISAP-HoRN:

During the morning of the 26th April, at around 9am, the APU's (Anti Poaching Unit) on a private sanctuary in central Namibia, came upon a bay rhino which seemed abandoned! This was immediately reported and an air assest was a mother rhino NEVER abandons her young! With a deep sense of trepidation, all could only assume that this would turn into another tragic poaching incident!
With the assistance of the aircraft, keeping at an altitude which would not further traumatise the calf, a group of 20 odd personel were gathered and spread in a large circle around the calf. This to attempt a hand capture. ISAP-HoRN was however too quick and easily slipped through the circle of people.

Under the watchful eye of the aircraft, he made a "bee" line in one direction, running as fast as his young legs could carry him. This full out run was kept up for roughly 6km!! Hugely concerning was that this would lead to his death...Finally the calf approached his lifelless mother, AMAZING the fact that this approx. 3 month old baby could run at full speed, through dense bush, on a direct route right to his dead mother!! When the APU found him next to his mother, he was pushing his mother with his tiny horn trying to get her to get of the most heart wrenching things to be able to witness!

A while later a vet arrived on the scene and was able to dart the calf and secure him for rehabilitation. However sad the death of the mother, she at least was NOT a poaching victim!

ISAP team visited our new orphan at his new home on Friday, carrying approx. 1 1/2 tons of zero fat milk and some essential medication. We are glad to report that under the amazing care of hugely dedicated staff, he is now full of spirit, already grazing well on the grass and obviously consuming copius quantities of milk! THANK you again to all of those who have dug deep to be able for us to source the required milk and meds, we salute you all!!

NB to all those involved in the poaching of these and other animals, this is the pain and suffering you cause, all for some sick financial gain...YOU have no place on this earth as you are just toxic waste and pollute this planet of ours!!