Operation Woodsmoke


ISAP Report - Operation Woodsmoke, conducted during the week of the 20-23 June in the Outjo area.

ISAP availed its Piper Super Cub (The Protector) to the local Outjo farming community, using the aircraft to do aerieal reconnacance with the intension of locating poachers camps, monitoring people and vehicle movements and generally providing a presence in the air. ISAP provided the aircraft and logitics vehicle, to the Outjo community on a gratis bases.

ISAP's Ford Ranger Ford Namibia pickup was used as a logistics vehicle, transporting aircraft refueling equipment and additional Avgas for the operation. Thank you to CYMOT Axel Theissen for the sponsorship of the refueling equipment!

Dirk Visser from Nyime Anti poaching unit, together with his highly capable rangers were on standy by as rapid reaction forces and provided secutiy for the ISAP plane at Outjo airport.

The Outjo farming community hosted the ISAP crew providing accommodation and meals. Special mention can be made of local farmers, Mr Frank Bockmhul Frank Bockmuhl, Mr Jasper Brand and Mr Renier Kok who assisted with the operational planning and hosting logistics. Mr Nakki Theart (Etontongwe Lodge) kindly accomodated the ISAP team.

ISAP belives the operation was a huge success, in that several GPS positions together with aerial pictures were recorderd of suspect looking informal settlements, vehicles and people movement. This will assist the local anti poaching efforts with information they can use to plan and execute future anti poaching operations.

ISAP is able to evaluate the aerial images by greatly enlarging the high resolution capture and thus pick out various interesting features such as vehicle registrations, livestock counts, persons count, dogs, donkey carts etc …"