Discover The Value Of Birds

Discover the value of birds (Weekends)!


19-21 June
21-23 August
22-24 October

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In May 2019 an international conference was organised in Windhoek by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the CIC (The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation). On day 4 Dr. Jacques Trouvilliez, the Executive Secretary of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds, informed about the Migratory birds and Africa. Thousands of birds move every year between Europe and Asia to Africa to spend the summer month in warmer climate. A huge number come to southern Africa and of course Namibia. If we Namibians and other African countries do not conserve these birds nor Europe and Asia, we and the world will loose a very valuable number of species. In a number of African countries countless waterbirds are killed and sold on markets because they are not protected or because there is no control. Do we know the value of birds in our country? Are our birds protected? Is government doing enough to protect birds? Are communities looking after this valuable resource? Are individuals caring about the different species?
Find out more about the value of birds, what we need to know and ways of getting information about our feathered friends by joining us a weekend at the ISAP (Intelligence Support Against Poaching) Camp.

Environmental journalist and photographer Dirk Heinrich will join us again to talk about the value of birds to the individual, communities and the country, answer questions and take the participants into the field. Join us for a weekend of fun and discovering the world of birds.

Send us a message should you need further information on this weekend (Dates....), also if you would be interested in any of the other future weekends providing interactive sessions on interesting ecological subjects.