Animal crime scene and evidence handling course


Animal crime scene and evidence handling courseParticipants of the Animal Crime Scene and Evidence Handling Course braved very low temperatures and an ice-cold wind during the weekend from 16 to 19 July 2020 at the ISAP (Intelligence Support Against Poaching) facility on the farm Ovita, northwest of Okahandja, to learn how to secure a crime scene and collect vital evidence to hel
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Storey behind baby Rhino ISAP-HoRN:During the morning of the 26th April, at around 9am, the APU's (Anti Poaching Unit) on a private sanctuary in central Namibia, came upon a bay rhino which seemed abandoned! This was immediately reported and an air assest was dispatc
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Operation Protector


ISAP will be conducting an operation from the 1st of December 2017 till the 15th of January 2018, going by the name of Operation Protector. ISAP will be working in collaboration with Namibian Police, Ministry of Environment & Tourism, Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources and West Coast Safety Initiative. ISAP will deploy its aircr
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Shimmy For Shelter - Sponsorship


Thank You Shimmy For Shelter!!Shimmy for Shelter, the fundraising initiative by Sascha Olivier-Sampson is the Namibian contribution to the international event "World Belly Dance Day" which sees dancers around the world hosting events in aid of charity. Celebrating its 8th year, Shimmy for Shelter 2017 saw the biggest amount raised to date. Since the first show Shimmy for Shelter has been d
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Namibia Breweries Ltd / ISAP


ISAP Strategic Workshop The ISAP team recently met with some of the lead brand/marketing and procurement heads from our partners, Namibia Breweries Limited, at a strategic development breakaway at Gross Barmen. The workshop was specifically aimed at streamlining ISAPs operational objectives, as well as the effective implementation of our current an
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ISAP Community Support


ISAP not only involves itself in the anti poaching sphere, but also strives to support and uplift rural communities where and when possible. We think this is a good strategy, as these rural communities play a custodian role in protecting their surrounding wildlife. Providing some form of upliftment and education is key in the fight against poaching.The attached pictures shows ISAP members
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ISAP & Miss Namibia 2017


Suné January, newly crowned Miss Namibia, paid an honorary visit today to the ISAP (Intelligence Support against Poaching) control room at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Suné has chosen ISAP as her project of choice during the year of her reign, and has declared her commitment to become involved in public campaigns in bringing about an awareness to th
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Operation Woodsmoke


ISAP Report - Operation Woodsmoke, conducted during the week of the 20-23 June in the Outjo area.ISAP availed its Piper Super Cub (The Protector) to the local Outjo farming community, using the aircraft to do aerieal reconnacance with the intension of locating poachers camps, monitoring p
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Game fences & Wildlife


On a recent ISAP field outing, several instances were observed of game being caught up in fencing. This Oryx was one of the lucky ones, as a ISAP member came across it and managed to set it free. Lesson for the general public using gravel roads, is that, when they encounter game caught between the road and the fence, to not alarm them in any way! Should they start running DO NOT pursue them an
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Botswana High Commission


ISAP Meeting with Botswana High CommissionToday two of ISAP's directors, Hans Rack and Tinus Hansen, met Counselor Tshiamo Nage from the Botswana High commission, to discuss anti poaching initiatives, which ISAP is currently undertaking in Namibia.At the request of Counselor Nag
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ISAP Air Wing


ISAP Air wing takes off!!ISAP's air wing was officially launched on the 8th February!Another milestone for ISAP. Today we shared the launch of the very iconic conservation and anti-poaching aircraft, V5-LCE, with our
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VARTA Batteries Sponsorship


VARTA Batteries SponsorshipISAP would like to thank Mr. Harald Bartsch, from VARTA Batteries, for the donation of N$ 10 000.00 together with 50 heavy duty tor
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ONE Million N$ Reward!!


To coincide with World Rhino Day (22nd September 2016) - ISAP together with the Olthaver & List group, launched the N$ 1 000 000.00 reward campaign, whi
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Cmore Intelligence Software


Cmore Intelligence SoftwareFor more information on Cmore proceed to following link - has instigated the use of the Cmore software in Namibia. Cmore was developed by the CSiR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) in South Africa, primarily for use with
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FORD RANGER Sponsorship


Novel Ford Motor Company have sponsored a brand new Ford ranger 2.2 d/c 4x4 vehicle to ISAP, to use in its operations for a 2 year period.ISAP's Ranger will be deployed in anti poaching operations as well as a awareness and marketing platform for ISAP.
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News Letter #1


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