Snake prevention tips!!!


How to keep your yard snake free.

Unfortunately there is no effective snake repellent.

The best way to keep your yard snake free is by keeping it clean!

  1. Keep the grass short in and around your yard.
  2. There should not be any garden refuse laying around such as loos bricks, rock piles wood piles and building materials as this provides an excellent hiding place for both snakes and rodents.
  3. Minimize food sources for the snakes by removing anything that may attract rodents or frogs
  4. Avoid creeping plants, especially near open windows. Avoid over-hanging branches as many snakes are capable climbers and my grant entry into your yard like this.
  5. Avoid rockeries, aviaries and fish ponds as this provides an excellent source of food for the snakes.
  6. Seal of all entry points for the snakes such as drainage pipes this can be done by using shade netting or chicken mesh.
  7. In any case, should you encounter a snake in your yard it is always best to have the contact details of your nearest snake catcher!