Pangolin Rescue


On 19 June 2015 ISAP received information from a member of the public regarding 3 guys who wanted to sell a pangolin. We responded immediately and soon set up a sting operation with city police and PRU. 

We met the 2 sellers at an undisclosed location, but we noticed there were only two guys and non of them had the pangolin in their possession. The two undercover officials arrested the two suspects and confiscated their sell phones and wallets.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the police officer we managed to track down the culprit with the pangolin via one of the dealers cell phones. The third person was also caught and arrested. The pangolin was given to ISAP officials by PRU and city police officials to attend to over night.

20 June 2015 PRU along with MET staff arrived at ISAP HQ to pick up pangolin and release it in a near by game reserve.