Partners & Sponsors

ISAP is part of the Namibian "Anti Poaching Task Team", which includes, inter alia, Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET), Namibian Police Protected Resource Unit, WWF Namibia, Save the Rhino Trust (SRT), Legal Assistance Center (LAC), Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) etc.

ISAP is also part of a anti poaching Joint Venture partnership falling under the umbrella organization going by the name of CRITICAL MASS Namibia (Namibia Protection of Resources Alliance). Members of CRITICAL MASS include ISAP / Nyami APU / HORN (Help Our Rhino's Namibia). This organisation provides a "one stop" anti poaching solutions to the Namibia, including:

* Intelligence gathering (Informant networks)
* Tactical support
* Quick reaction and Close Protection capabilities
* Anti poaching training (All levels)
* Air-wing support

ISAP is reliant on the support of the of Persons / Organizations and Government Authorities in achieving its objectives, these are categorize into the following:

STRATEGIC PARTNERS (Key Long Term Financial Contributors / Operational & Marketing Support):

FUNDING PARTNERS (Major funding support):

SPONSORS (Regular fund sponsors):

    CONTRIBUTORS (Once off contributors):