Waterberg Plateau National Park - Network Upgrade

ISAP Project - Waterberg Plateau National Park Network Upgrade

ISAP, with funding Channeled through WWF Namibia provided by INL (International Narcotics & Law Enforcement), undertook a project to assist Namibia Ministry of Environment & Tourism with the upgrading of the Waterberg Plateau National Park communications & IP Network. This has resulted in real time monitoring of water holes, at the park operations room as well an upgrade of the internet connectivity and mobile communications of park staff and management. As a result, the environmental and security management of the park has been greatly enhanced. Attached pictures show ISAP members and Mr Johan Potgieter (Excom) demonstrating new surveillance equipment to MET staff, including Mr Colgar Shikopo (Director Parks) & Mr Manie le Roux (Chief Control Warden).

ISAP, over and above its normal duties, assists with environmental projects when funding is available, as we see this as having many synergies with the efforts against poaching!