Trap Camera Competition (Weekend)

Date of event - 11/12th May


ISAP Training Facility (Participants will be issued a directional map)


Preferably 4 members, but can be anything from 2-6.


N$ 1600.00 pp (Incl. Tented accommodation & 3 meals / use of equipment)


Saturday 11th may -

* 07:00 - 08:00 Breakfast (For those arriving on Friday)
* Meet & greet at venue @ 10:00 am (Allocated accommodation)
* 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch served
* 14:00 - 15:00 Briefing & completion of competition forms
* 15:00 - 18:00 Deployment of teams trap cameras
* 19:00 - Dinner

Sunday 12th May -

* 07:30 - Retrieval of trap cameras
* 08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
* 10:00 - Announcement of results & prize giving

NB - Participants are welcome to arrive on Friday (Dinner & breakfast INCL. in entry fee). Departure on Sunday at own leisure / make use of braai (barbecue) facilities for lunch. This will be for own cost.


Each participating team will be provided a trap camera, which they will need to deploy within a given area surrounding the ISAP training camp, located on a 10 000 hectare wildlife ranch.

Deployment of cameras will commence on Saturday afternoon, once a comprehensive event briefing has been done.

Specific areas will be set out on which teams can choose a location of their trap cameras. Teams must carefully choose the location of their trap camera, taking into consideration where the highest possibility exists to pick up animals i.e. water holes / game paths etc.

Points will be allocated according to rarity of species, i.e. Impala / Oryx would be fairly low scoring, where as Leopard / Pangolin etc would score very highly (Score sheets for different animals will be provided).

Trap cameras will be retrieved early on Sunday morning, after which the judges will analyze the images obtained and allocate scores accordingly. Team with highest score will be declared the winners. Winning team will also be seen as reigning champions, until such time as next competition is held.

Competitions will be done at least once per annum.


Trap cameras should be placed so that they cannot be found by other teams. Should a team come across another teams trap camera then they may not move or touch the camera, however they may "photo bomb" the camera in any way.

During judging, should it be found that there are pictures on the teams trap camera of another teams doing, then this team will not be eligible for ranking and be shown as "DQ"

Camera memory cards will be formatted (cleared) before being handed to teams.