Tree Planting Project

Let’s plant Camel thorn trees in Namibia

(So hart wie Kameldornholz…)

Initiative ISAP

This initial initiative and idea was created by ISAP icon Fritz Kaufmann, assisted by Yvonne von Holtz whom from the main idea wanted to plant more trees to give back to Namibia's beautiful landscapes and to ensure that future generations have the joy of enjoying Namibia's emblem tree the Camel Thorn Acacia.

Namibia known to be a country where the social pass time resolves around braaing (Barbecuing) at any and every given occasion. We Namibians love to braai and in many parts of Namibia especially in rural areas and Farms, fire is still being made on a daily base to heat up water and to cook daily meals.

With an average of 320 sunshine days and app. 30 degrees daily, a tree offering shade and coolness is highly valued in the arid dry landscape, not only for humans but also for animals, birds and insects and other Flora.

Since wood and shade is such a precious and cherished commodity in Namibia, ISAP has decided to plant little camel thorn trees and distribute them all across Namibia whenever the occasion rises. Giving back toward the land and future generations.

Where does ATC Namibia come in on this?

ATC Namibia has been supporting the Anti-Poaching units of ISAP for a couple of years already and when learning of ISAP’s idea of planting trees all over Namibia, ATC knew they could support the cause with a simple and easy concept.

German/European travelers are in general eco-tourists and very particular about visiting sustainable establishments, helping and supporting NGO’s and giving back in a form of good deed.

Since ATC Namibia knew this fact about tourists, ATC offered ISAP help in distributing the trees across Namibia and collecting the money from willing tourists, with the money going to a good cause and supporting ISAP's great and continuous efforts of protecting all valuable tourism attractions on Namibia. For us as Tour Operators/Facilitators being dependent on keeping the landmarks, wildlife and attractions of Namibia intact, wholeheartedly support this cause!

As from the 1. April 2019 ATC Namibia will hand out a baby Camel thorn tree to the guide on the given tour. The guide will explain the legacy of the Acacia trees of Africa (Namibia) and offer the group to purchase the tree at a mere NAD 500 (with a 100% of the money going towards ISAPs cause). The group will then, with the knowledge and the assistance of the guide choose a suitable location and plant the tree. The GPS coordinates will be documented, the tree given a name and ISAP will put all trees planted onto their website enabling tourists from all over the world to follow the growth and well-being of “their” planted tree.

Also the website will help to have other tourist, guests and locals passing by to see that the tree gets water in the dry season and help it survive and hopefully grow into a huge Camel thorn tree, that in the long run can be enjoyed for its shade by humans, as a home to birds and food to animals.

ATC Namibia calls upon all Operators, Agents and Locals to follow this initiative and support ISAP. Let us protect Namibia’s heritage together to ensure that future generations and our visitors from all over the world still have the privilege to visit our beautiful preserved landscapes, have encounters with endangered species and wood to enjoy evenings under a starlit sky around a fire sharing tales of Africa.

Pilot Project successfully launched:

The first Camel thorn tree has been planted. On 14 March the Tour Vital Group arrived and was introduced to the initiative and the tree waiting for them in the coach taking them across Namibia. Uwe Rahn the guide on the given tour confirmed that the reaction and the acceptance of the idea towards planting a tree and collecting money for a good cause for ISAP at the same time was brilliant inventiveness and an amount far above the needed NAD 500 was collected.