The onslaught


Africa's black rhinos (were) reduced from roughly 65 000 in the late1960's to just 15 000 in 1980. (Julian Rademeyer 2012, Killing for Profit, p19)

"In 1981 Zambia in it's National Parks, particularly in the Luangwa Valley, had an estimated 3 000 black rhino. Six years later, there were fewer than 100." (Rademeyer, 2012)

"In 1983, Zambian poachers were venturing .... into Zimbabwe's northernmost parks. .... Four rhino carcasses were discovered after the 1983 rainy season. ... In 1984, twelve carcasses were found. In 1985, it was sixty-eight; in 1986, 149; in 1987, 170." (Rademeyer, 2012)

Simultaneously killing of rhino happened in Angola, Namibia (then South West Africa). After Zimbabwe, we saw the start of what is happening now in South Africa, and now, again, Namibia is facing this "war".